Frigidaire gas stove and everything works great
Maytag gas stove works great. Advance cooking system Super capacity plus.
Mobile Food Trailers For SaleFull Service Kitchens12x8ft Food Trailer - $14,900Stainless Steel Interior, 5ft Hood, 2 Exhaust Fans, Grease Filters3 Compartment Sink, Hand Washing Sink, Fresh and Waste Water TanksWater Heater, Water Pump, Air Conditioning, Storage Shelves, CountersService Windows, Propane Gas, Electrical Outlets, Lights, 27 Cold Prep24 Flat Top, 2 Burner Stove, Steam Table, Char ...
The best backpacking stove in the industry. This is it people. Alcohol burning stove is small, light, and very efficient. Entire system is self-nesting with a locking lid. 3-cup stainless steel pot holds stove, fuel, lighter, folding utensil, wind screen and has extra space for more storage.Entire kit, with fuel, weighs about a pound. Forget jetboil. Ive melted them down trying to warm snow. Fo...
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